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Pilates Studio in Portobello, Edinburgh. Reformer & Mat Pilates. Semi-Private Reformer Sessions, Group Classes.


Reformer & Mat Pilates

PILATES is a form of exercise that emphasises controlled movements to improve core strength, flexibility and balance.

At Pilates 4 all we offer private and semi-private Reformer sessions and group Mat classes. We practice styles that are suitable for everyone. Pilates is a form of body conditioning that can benefit you no matter your fitness level or background. Regular practice will help you build long and lean muscle, strengthen the core from within and relax the mind. It is suitable for a wide range of people, from beginners to professional sportspeople, including pregnant women and seniors.

Mat Pilates


One 2 One

Small Equipment Pilates Props

Trigger Point Pilates ®

Restorative Pilates

Clinical & Sports Massage Therapy

Types of Pilates sessions

One 2 one

If you think you may have more specific requirements, you may benefit more from one 2 one sessions which are tailored to your individual needs. Whether it be a tailored programme you require or if you are looking for small corporate sessions, then bespoke packages are available.

Pilates Matwork


Matwork is good for everyone at any age and fitness level. Our classes are designed in a way for everyone to enjoy. Pilates practice can help improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieve stress and tension. It can also help develop whole-body strength and flexibility and help reduce the risk of injury.

Pilates Classes


At each class, I teach a structured one-hour session where each person works at their own individual pace and level, and I provide mats and exercise equipment. My small class sizes ensure you have my utmost attention and you get the most out of your class.



I’ve been attending Clare’s classes for 7 years now. They’re best classes I’ve been to and the only ones I seem to have stuck at!! Having ailments myself I really benefit from her style. No muscle group is missed out and there’s always extra stretches at the end. I really can’t go without her classes now. Thanks Clare


Having a bad back has stopped me doing high impact training and my physio recommended Clare’s classes. I’m loving them. She really took care to give me options and other ways to strengthen without aggravating my back problems. I still feel like I’ve had a great workout but without the injuries I used to sustain. I’m now pretty much pain free and it’s all down to her expertise and teaching style.


I’m an avid runner and decided to add Pilates to my exercise regime around 6 years ago when I attended one of Clare’s  classes. I couldn’t live without her weekly class now. I really feel it if I’ve missed a week as everything seems to tighten up. She doesn’t seem to miss a thing too which is important for someone like me who needs to be pushed, plus she changes the workout every week using Pilates props to keep us all on our toes. She definitely makes you work hard whilst still making it relaxing.

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Pilates 4 All

With a mix of classical and contemporary Pilates styles, We have clients of all shapes & sizes, all fitness levels and both male & female. Ages range from 18 to 80!  At each class, we teach we structured sessions where each person works at their own individual pace and level, and provide exercise equipment.